The ComAp CEE provides a broad range of services covering key-ready solutions, or only partial deliveries in the area of backup device and cogeneration control.

Inspection on Customer's Site

Based on the customer's site inspection being the best way how to learn about the existing equipment and specific customer's demands, the ComAp CEE is able to provide an optimum proposal of the solution, either a detailed offer for the control, or a complete key-ready delivery. In this way, conditions and scope of services are clearly defined.

Custom-Made Solutions

ComAp CEE aims to find an optimum solution both from the financial and the technical point of view. This effort is supported by a perfect knowledge of the subject field and a broad portfolio of ComAp control systems. In this way, a more reliable and functional system is achievable. A reverse phasing is a must to eliminate a loss of the second power supply, as well as forward phasing to allow for the loaded motor-generator testing, power management, and load sharing for multiple motor-generators operating in parallel, peak coverage, solution of 1/4-hour maximum, industrial communication, and remote administration.

Preparation of Drawings

Based on the customer's specifications or the customer's site inspection, the ComAp CEE is able to prepare drafts of competition or final production drawing documentation.

Production of Switchgears

The ComAp CEE is able to provide the production of switchgears based on the production documentation, both control switchgears and power switchgears up to 6300A. A single testing made by switchgear manufacturer, a compliance declaration, and a functional testing of the switchgear control system are included.


The offered services include renewal and renovation of any existing systems. In this case, the switchgear and power device cabinets can be maintained. However, a risk related with the existing components reliability should be considered.


The ComAp CEE offers an on-site installation, including the switchgear installation, and installation of control and power cables. Should the customer prefer a self-help installation, it is an acceptable alternative for the ComAp CEE.

Commissioning and Function Testing

After the testing made either on-site or in a testing facility in advance, the ComAp CEE provides the commissioning of the control system, connection of its monitoring functions to the existing I&C system or any other control system, function tests, and final training for the operating personnel as required for the equipment and the whole system safe operation.

Consultation and Training

If required, the ComAp CEE provides consultations for the control systems. Training for our customers is a common feature. ComAp offers training, topical attendance training, and tailored training for our customers. The attendance training takes place in a training centre equipped with motor-generators.

Service and 24/7 Service

The ComAp CEE provides warranty and post-warranty service for delivered control systems. As an option, a 24/7 Service can be agreed, provided continuously by qualified technicians.


The ComAp CEE is able to provide initial and regular revisions.