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Gen-set controllers

The ComAp 'New Technology' family is a comprehensive range of configurable Gen-set controllers suitable for managing simple, everyday or even the most complex CHP application. In addition, all ComAp Genset controllers now feature one piece of software making them universally compatible with most of the leading manufacturers of electronic engines. With increased memory, more features and greater processing speed, ComAp's 'New Technology' control products have built an enviable reputation for effective system integration, simpler monitoring and more user-friendly remote supervising and servicing.

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Engine controllers

The ComAp family of engine controllers offers innovative and universal system integration for a wide range of engine driven platforms and applications. With a proven track record of working in the most demanding environments, InteliDrive controllers deliver unparalleled command, control and communication advantages. The full range provides individually tailored solutions meeting the precise needs of marine auxiliary, emergency and propulsion engines as well as land based platforms such as engine driven pumps, compressors, crushers and screeners.

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Mains protections

A family of mains protection modules that provide the necessary protection functions to meet the requirements of all applications where generators operate in parallel with the mains.

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Generator controllers

GeCon controllers provide comprehensive generator protection and control for single or multiple gen-sets based on field proven InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT platforms. The primary function of Generator controller is to manage and protect the generator in preference to the engine, which is not a direct concern. GeCon can be used in applications where engine management or protection is not required or in cases where the generator is powered by another source such as a turbine controlled by an external PLC. The controller is suitable for use in LandBased and Marine applications.

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ATS controllers

The ComAp ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) control products are designed to monitor the AC mains supply for under / over voltage, under / over frequency and voltage unbalance and forward a start command on detection of mains supply disproportion. The family of models provides a wide choice of control features and user configurability options.

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